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Choose Your Best Feng Shui Front Door Color

In feng shui, knowing the direction your house is facing is necessary in order to calculate various feng shui analyses. The only way to determine Classical feng shui states that what you've determined to be the front of your home, such as the front door isn't always the actual facing direction of your home.

In feng shui, color is intimately related to direction and the five elements that compose the universe; understanding these relationships is A home's immediate surroundings also have a bearing on the best choice of color for the front door. For example, a home buried deep in the forest may need the

2. A good feng shui front door must be the grandest looking door in the house. That means no weired looking, idle nail round the door edge, no rust on doorknobs, no dried flowers, vines or old garlands on the front door.. Direction of the main door color. South- Red. North- Dark blue or Black.

In Feng Shui, your front door is considered the mouth of your home's chi as it is where new energy comes into your home. Learn how to make the most Keep your front door well lit. Trim any bushes that are obstructing your entrance. Paint your door a color that pleases you. Red is usually what is

The front door is the gateway to the energy in your home. Discover the best feng shui color for your front door and the compass direction it faces. How to Pick the Perfect Front Door Color. For each feng shui direction—and its corresponding element—you might choose a harmonious color or a

Feng shui (literally translating to wind and water) is the art of studying the flow of energy within an environment. The ancient Chinese art adheres to a system of laws that help to harness the spiritual energy around you called chi. This well-known practice seeks to promote balance and harmony