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Front view of front door light with step Old urban brownstone type townhouse with polished double wooden door. Single wooden door in the front of an old building at the top of a set of semi-circular stairs Small Wooden White House with Front Porch, Nordic Homes.

Doors and windows. Building Regulations. Previous Planning Permission. Dwellings are required to be energy efficient. A method of achieving greater energy efficiency is to take steps to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through the glazing in both windows and doors.

The front door of your home is a key element for good feng shui. Learn how to make your front door a strong, welcoming portal for nourishing energy. Can you see the street number of the house/building/apartment clearly? Is it clean and easy to read? Are there any blocks or obstacles?

Incorporating an oversized front door can be another clever route to making a strong visual statement - particularly if you're building a contemporary home or converting a barn. If you're looking for a doorway that complements a farmhouse look, selecting the right material is key.

"Door-stepping" is a term used to describe an attempt to obtain an interview, or piece to camera, from a contributor without prior arrangement or agreement, typically by confronting them in a public space, such as outside their Do not stand directly in front of doors or block exit, rather stand near brickwork.

What are the main Building Regulations issues for open-plan spaces? For example, is your staircase separated from your open-plan space by a fire door to allow a safe passage out of the building from other parts of the house?