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Dark Teal Front Door What do you think about painting my door a blue/teal color? Pics

This traditional front door is painted deep navy — Behr's Deep Breath — to complement the slate-gray wood-shingle siding and white trim. If your house has a neutral color palette and you're squeamish about bright hues — not everyone can handle a candy-apple red or a neon green front door — try a

With a new color, your door will help your house give off a new energy and improve its curb appeal. By choosing a color that's right for you, setting up a work area, and applying two coats of paint, you If you paint your front door against your location's policy, you may have to re-paint it the original color.

Here are examples of black front doors done beautifully right, along with sample palettes of complementary exterior colors. If you're considering a black front door on a house that's painted a dark hue, you might want to paint the door trim white, or another light neutral.

Inspiration. Painting Projects. How To Paint A Front Door. Share on Facebook. Apply painter's tape to the edges of your doorknob, the door's windows, hinges, and any other details you want to protect from paint. Use a primer for best color coverage when you're painting over a dark surface.

7. Best Front Door Paint Colour - Yellow and Gold. Yellow and gold can look warm and welcoming on a home, just remember that yellow reflects Which navy is the front door painted in the picture you used? Trying to decide between Naval and Hale Navy. House is a medium to dark gray with white trim.

Painting your front door and sidelights may seem simple but many mistakes are made. Paint color placement options and paint color options make a Painting your front door is one of the most important things you can do to your house. When someone looks at your house from the street, the