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Does anyone have any suggestions on the best and easiest way to set up front door video monitoring? There was even one guy that want to mount an in-wall lcd screen by his door. When the door bell rang, the camera and screen would "wake-up".

34% of burglars break in through the front door. 22% gain entry using the back door. Securing your home with a monitored home security alarm system is a good place to start, but a layered If you want the combined functionality of a peephole and a doorbell, the SkyBell Trim Plus Video Doorbell

Way 1. Use Front Door Video Security Doorbell. And 60% of them would avoid homes with smart alert systems and find other easier targets. Once the thief approaches your front door or porch, your front door smart doorbell with monitor will sense the motion events, and send you the instant alerts

front door video monitor enable us to see the visitor clearly without opening the door, which can greatly improve the security. The front doorbell in our shop are equipped with high digit camera, and the front doorbell with camera are waterproof so that you do not need to worry in rainy days.

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An intercom or door buzzer entry system is installed outside where a normal doorbell would be. When a visitors rings the bell, your phone rings (usually If you are looking for personalized assistance to upgrade your current home system or to install a new video door intercom, then look no further than