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Installing a Front Entry Door with Sidelights DIY

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Replace a worn, drafty front door with a stylish new energy-efficient one. Replacement doors come pre-hung in a weatherstripped frame and you don't have to be a master carpenter to do a first-class job. We'll show you the techniques that will result in a perfect, weathertight installation. Rarely

I recently bought/renovated a house that has an ugly front entry door unit. The frame is in fine shape, I just don't like the style and want to update it to match the rest of the house. My question is can I just pop the sidelight units out and replace them? I want to remove the whole sidelight unit (glass and surrounding frame) not just the glass. I plan to have some insulated/tempered

Installing an entry door with sidelights to the main entrance of your home offers a gorgeous addition and provides additional light and warmth to the interior as well. There are an array of sizes and styles of entry doors and sidelight combinations. Many doors on the market offer sidelights as an option that complements the design and decor of the door.

Tip: Installing an exterior door that is insulated and made of steel can be heavy and cumbersome due to the weight of the materials. If you choose to install a front door made of steel, you will need a helper. Certain wood front doors will also be heavier than others, so take that into consideration before starting this project.

After purchasing a storm door for our front door, I determined that the frame around the door does not have the required 2 1/2" to make necessary room for the door knob hardware. The brickmold trim around the door and sidelights is 3" further out than the wood around the door itself.