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Other common causes of front-load washer leaking should be repaired by a professional. They require in-depth knowledge of the appliance and special training for the repair to be completed safely and successfully. Attempting these washer repairs yourself could result in more extensive damage to

Understanding why your LG front-load washer won't turn on and remedying the problem is not necessarily Before you call for service, the LG washer owner's manual recommends that you try to fix the Press the washer door until it clicks. The washer will not run unless the door is fully closed.

It's a pretty slow leak and I can't see exactly where it is coming from. It's below the drain filter area, but it's not coming from the filter door or hose.

Always install your LG front load washing machine on the ground to avoid any electric shock. By way of reading the manual guidelines, you can install the washing At the same time, there should have enough place to conveniently open the machine door. If your room is fully carpeted, then make sure

I'm looking to buy an LG or Samsung front-load washer/dryer combo. Any comments on either or both? My general contractor had an LG front loader. First, the pump went out. Then, the tub (plastic) cracked and started leaking. Less than 3 years old.

The most likely causes of such a leak in any washing machine are either a split rubber tube or a loose connection between a rubber tube and a metal pipe. The joints are usually held securely with jubilee clips and rarely the screw that tightens the grip may be too loose. Check rubber tubes for signs of