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High ceilings, lots of natural light. Sparkling clean pool with water fall and jacuzzi in park like back yard with artificial turf. New windows and doors. Solar system provides low cost energy. Health conscious owners use natural products only. North facing front door.

A North facing door is a door with the compass reading from 337.5 to 22.5. Avoid the following colors for your North facing front door: green, brown, yellow, red, purple, orange, and deep pink. These colors represent the elements of Wood, Earth, and Fire that are weakening/destructive for the

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It is believed a staircase facing the front door, especially a downward staircase, allows wealth to flow out the doorway like water flows downhill. The same is true if the front and back door are in a straight line. If you're concerned there are ways to offset bad home Feng shui with the placement of plants

North facing window plants enjoy a perfect place to grow indoors, with a location suited to Grouping a lot of plants in north-facing windows gives the opportunity to create a very textured display. Wintering Low-Medium light Orchids/North Window. Good choices for hanging baskets in front of a

Opening of the front door. 1. A Front door opens inwards not outwards. Ideally, you want your front door to be facing the street so that energy and opportunities can easily come off the road and to North Earth or Wood Crystal or Plant. East or southeast Metal or Fire Windchime or Light.