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The yin and yang of your front door Good to be Home

Feng shui warns that disproportionate door sizes may cause problems with wealth and career. Some feng shui experts warn that if a stairway faces the front door, you will experience many ups and downs in your life. Others claim that money will roll down the stairway and straight out of the door.

In Feng Shui, your front door is considered the mouth of your home's chi as it is where new energy comes into your home. Learn how to make the Any Feng Shui work that you've done throughout your home will not be nearly as helpful if your flow of new chi at your door is stagnant or non-existent.

Does the Bagua go by north, south, east, west or does it go by where your front door is located? Bagua is facing South as the direction where it points. Taking the direction of the front door - inside Any Feng Shui tips to increase artistic inspiration?Is the visual business in my art studio a problem for

Feng Shui: what door material? The material with which our door is made is very important, since it can already reveal to us details of the personality Here is what it represents according to front door Feng Shui: Wooden doors are usually used for homes that shelter something more familiar and deep.

According to feng shui, the front door is your home's gateway of chi, or energy, and the way the chi flows determines not only how you feel in the house, but your day-to-day fortunes. When a fireplace is visible from the front door, it ignites chi, creating an excess of energy that can be destructive.

Feng Shui of Eight Front Door Directions. Best Direction: South-facing and East-facing. The south-facing front door suggests the north based will play the commanding role and it is suitable ● The west-facing front door facilitates descendants, thus suitable for families wanting to benefit the