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Front Door Style (Spring Edition) - Emily A. Clark. I'm keeping the front door pretty simple for Spring. I love some symmetry and added a pair of knockout rose topiaries that are in their full glory right now. I've had these planters for several years and like them better, the more weathered they get.

front door definition: 1. the main entrance to a building, especially a house, usually facing the road 2. the main…. Learn more. The path from the street to the front door does not cross the exterior space contiguous with the main living space.

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I'm replacing a front door (36 " x 80") on my house. The walls are 2" x 4" construction, so a 4 9/16' jamb. The existing door sill is 6 ½" wide with a ¾" overhang on the front stoop.

overhangs or swings for front door. need to put something over front door to keep visitors dry. An inexpensive overhang?

Front Exterior & Front Yard• Kristi's Studio. How To Build A Small Portico Above A Door - Part 1 - The Basic Frame. On July 20, 2017 • By Kristi • 43. Yesterday I started working on the portico to go over the side door of the studio. These are the two that I chose to use as my inspiration.