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By painting your front door, you can quickly introduce vibrant color to your home's exterior for a fresh new look. Plus, front door colors can be easily If you have a paneled front door, work in the following order: Paint trim around panels with a small foam paintbrush. Paint any raised or depressed

Step by step instructions "how to paint a metal exterior front door on my blog at Here are some simple but effective tricks to paint your exterior metal front door and achieve professional results. Be sure to follow me on IG for

Painting a wooden door is different from painting a metal door. Black painted front door. Remember the Weatherstripping. As much as we all wish we could take the door off the hinges and give it ample time to dry before hanging it again, it's not always practical for home security reasons.

Metal doors offer great benefits in security and weather resistance, but to keep their The paint that covers them, however, will not last that long. So, if your house has a metal door, at some point If you allow time for careful preparation and sufficient drying, your rejuvenated front door will look great and

It is a metal exterior door that gets full afternoon sun. The metal heats up like an oven and, over time, bakes the paint right off the door. Finished Door Here is my "After." What a difference! With the addition of shiny new hardware, my front door has never looked better. {^widget

I painted my front door couple of years ago but never got to share it. front door paint - I chose MODERN MASTERS - PEACEFUL BLUE. flat brush ( I used a smaller and larger one as well). I'm curious how you don't get brush strokes on a metal door.