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Dallas Front Door Refinishing

Dallas Door Refinishing is a door wood, iron and fiberglass refinishing and preservation business. Our primary focus is to refinish, refresh and preserve front entry door of residential and commercial properties.

Refinishing or restoring your front door can not only increase the potential resale value of your home, but also adds an additional layer of beauty and sophistication to your home. If you're ready to give your front entrance a brand-new look, contact Dallas Door Refinishing today at (469) 571-2626 to

Put your best facade forward by refinishing a dated, dull front door. Better Homes and Gardens' contributing editor Danny Lipford shows you how to revitalize a wooden entry door to boost curb appeal.

Entry doors take a lot of abuse from the elements. If yours is looking a bit shabby, perhaps it's time to dress it up by refinishing and replacing the hardware. By following these simple steps, you can turn an eyesore into the envy of the neighborhood. Steps in refinishing an entry door

Dallas Door Refinishing is a locally-owned and -operated business that restores and refinishes hardwood, iron and fiberglass doors in Dallas and its surrounding communities. Restoring or refinishing your faded front door can add curb appeal, increase your home's value

Materials Needed to Refinish a Wood Door with Gel Stain. This post contains affiliate links. To read my full disclosure policy, please click here. How to Refinish a Wood Door with Gel Stain. STEP ONE. I washed the door to remove the dirt and grime that had accumulated over the years.