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Now my drivers side front door actuator (1998 ML320) was out. I don't see where that spring goes? Hi Art pull the door lock apart remove motor break the tabs on the back of the motor you will probably find a load of black crap around tha armature thats whats left of the brushes and armature you will see

I have a fiberglass front entry door that has a window in it surrounded by plastic trim. The trim on the inside of the door is as good as new, but the trim on the outside of the door is cracked and warped possibly due to heat from the sun being trapped by the screen door. I am looking to replace the

Helping a friend replace their front door. The current door is the original solid wood door from 1941 & is warped. I have installed a door or two, however the last 5 or 6 doors installed at my own house were completed by competent trim carpenters.

Replacing an old cylindrical door knob with a new one is an easy job when you know how. RELATED POSTS: How to Improve Your Front Door Security. The last resort is to disassemble the lock to see if something has jammed or is broken—you may be able to set it straight or replace the part without

There are two insulated doors the true front door and then the one leading into the house from the entryway, which was the original front door. We decided to replace the solid green steel entry door with a 15 Lite Primed White Majestic Steel Exterior Door to allow more light into the living room much

hi all i am replacing my front door, it currently has hard wood door jams which i have to remove ; what do they use in external jams these days ? is it pine? what size ? the doorway is bigger than 820mm so i could just put the new jam onto the old jam to bring the doorway down to the standard