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I was wondering if I should paint the garage the same color as my front door or would this put off Most homes are painted three different color groups, with the siding one color, the trim a second Painting the garage door red, however, will draw attention to it at the expense of other, probably If the garage and front doors both face the street, consider painting them the same color to unify your

To me, painting your front door with a color you love is a gift to your home. One question to ask yourself is if you tend to use any other decor on your I had a red door for years with a green trimmed glass door in front of it. People loved it. My home is a white sided 2 story New England colonial.

Painting your front door and sidelights may seem simple but many mistakes are made. Paint color placement options and paint color options make a Your front door must make the best impression. What Color Should I Paint My Front Door? If your antique front door is stained and varnished

My Fave INTERIOR Front Door Colours. (click on colour name to view on website). Top Row - Left to Right. Replacing a front door and side lights, selling house, should I paint the front door outside and inside the same color? was thinking black, the out side trim is light grey, inside trim white with

So do I paint both sides of the doors? Also, if the doors open into the bedroom, paint the butt-edge (edge with the hinges) white as well so when doors are open, everything you see from the hallway is white.

Your front door is a different style to your interior doors so yes it's acceptable if its painted the same on both sides and that doesn't match your adjacent interior doors. Or you can choose to match the interior side with other interior doors. If your doing this, choosing what to paint what colour can be